Love Sick

Don't forget...THIS WEEK in Norwood Park....June 2, 3 & 4. As I was told, it will be a shorter event...only about 1 hour and: "The show this year is a modern adaptation of Love's Labours Lost called Love Sick. It was adapted by some very talented local artists and incorporates a lot of the

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Community Environment Days

Tomorrow is the day! Join me between 4 and 8pm at the Woodbine Beach parking lot for our first Environment Day! Gather your unwanted stuff! You can drop off unused household items, recycle/donate electronics and reusable items, and pick up compost for your garden. Click the link here to see what’s accepted/not accepted: https://www.toronto.ca/.../community-environment-days/

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Can you help with the rink?

Let us know - it's not difficult, and many hands make light work!!

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Updated website

This is the first significant update in the website in nearly 10 years. It will take time to populate it as it should naturally look...so please bear with us.  

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The Humble Wooden Desk

NO PUMPKIN PARADE Sorry to say, NO PUMPKIN PARADE this year due to COVID. Really hoping for next year!!! Let's Work Together Tell me more about your project Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor

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About My Work

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