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The Norwood Park Community is centered around the Norwood Park located just east and south of the intersection of Main Street and Gerrard Street East in Toronto, Ontario.Map Map

The location is part of what is locally known as the "Upper Beach" area, being bounded by Kingston Road to the south, the railway tracks to the north, Victoria Park Avenue to the east and Woodbine Avenue to the West.

Being only a 15 minute walk to the Beach area itself, the Norwood Park community allows its residents the benefits of being part of the vibrant Beach atmosphere without having to endure the parking and pedestrian difficulties.

With 5 tennis courts, a playground for children, a wading pool and a leash free dog area, this park has something for everyone.

The community is a wonderful mix of detached, semi-detached and some row houses. In addition, the private rental accomodations on Gerrard Street East along with the Main Street Co-operative allow those not interested in home ownership to enjoy the benefits of the location.


The Norwood Park Community has been around for a long time. It was at one point part of a private park known as "Benlamond Park"

The Davis Estate (mostly now the park itself, all of Glen Oak Drive, and parts of Glenmount Park and Benlamond Avenue) was created in 1938 at the behest of a committee formed to administer the property of Mrs. Emma Davis.

Mrs. Davis had been found to not be competent to manage her affairs, and as such, her property on Stoney Lake and her large 13 room house at number 2 Norwood Park (which was in very poor repair) were dealt with by a committee.

More information on this interesting story will be added at a later time.

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The area is serviced by a wonderful mix of institutions from the local historic firehall which is still Firehall in service. In addition, a more modern school, Kimberley Public School and the Beaches Alternative School are right in the heart of the community.

Kimberley School Furthermore, the community has a wonderful sports complex with indoor skating and outdoor baseball fields at at the Ted Reeve Arena. Ted Reeve Arena As well, there is the fantastic support given to the community by the local community centre, Community Centre 55.

Centre 55